X-Message-Number: 10316
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 21:32:06 EDT
Subject: Re: Reply to George Re: Living Life

Dear George,

Thank you for your thoughtful...indeed delightful...post.

I agree, life should be, and can be, and IS...FUN!

Perhaps the reason we do not have more people signing up for cryonics is that
they really do not *enjoy* life.

This type is called  Benguit Frisky.  Perhaps it is time for some cryonicists
to get a little "Frisky" and enjoy.

So we will write in this "off the wall" script.  I don't know if it translates
thruough all browsers, however.

Some of my joys include,  Reading, biking, being with my dear wife and dogs,
meeting new friends, succeeding at my business,  enjoying a great meal,
learning a new skill, organizing the chronic chaos of my life, shocking
people, fucking, watching tv, going to great movies, sleeping, gaining closure
on writing up one of us "frosted flakes" where we actually get the insurance
and all requirements in place, masturbating, swimming at the springs or in the
nearby ocean, closing a big investment sale,  etc.

So, come on, the rest of you.  I know you aren't all cerebral mathematicians
all the time.

What is it about being YOU that makes LIFE WORTH LIVING?

I have no doubt that we all have frustrations in life.  But what a great idea
to remember that "Life on the planet is FUN!"  Or else, what is the use in
being immortal?

Boundless, Joyous, Life,
Rudi Hoffman
Daytona, FL 

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