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Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 10:01:22 +0100
From:  (John de Rivaz)
Subject: Re: Cryonics in France

In article: <> Yvan Bozzonetti writes:
>         The only solution is to use CI services from UK  paid up front,
> something I can't do now.  C'est la vie.

Rather than do nothing, why not start a monthly savings plan with a UK unit 
trust (EG Aberdeen Prolific Technology 
or Henderson Technology) with yourself and CI as joint holders, yourself 
being the first named. Although all you can afford may seem trivial at 
present, over the years you may find that it grows enough for you to put in 
what is needed to reach the required sum. 

I should have thought it would be against EC law for the French authorities 
to ban such savings, escpecially if there is no contract associated with 
them. Once there is enough in the account you could make it over to CI with 
the required contract, and once the ownership is in the US, French pro-death 
fascists could do nothing about it.

A greater problem is in getting to England in the event of sudden death, but 
again it is better to do something as opposed to nothing. I am sure that 
many people here will advise you simply to leave France. But if that is 
where you like to be you probably consider it a shame to leave bearing in 
mind that cryonics is not guaranteed to work.

As to "The Astrophysical Journal", I wonder if they offer an email subscription 
as Adobe Acrobat files? The California Technology Stock Newsletter is available 
that way now, and this saves a fortune in postage. Also you get it on 
publication day. <> It may be worth writing to the astrophysical 
people advising them of the French authorities' action. Alternatively, if you 
rented a box address in England and had it posted on, would that make any 
difference as both are in the EC? It is always wor
thwhile getting around authoritarian's tiny minds.

Once again, anything you can do is better than nothing.

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