X-Message-Number: 10322
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 10:23:48 -0700
From: Carol Shaw <>
Subject: Cryonics Sign-Up Party in Northern Calif.

A cryonics sign-up party will be held in Sunnyvale, California on Sunday,
September 20, 1998, 2:00-4:00 PM, with food and socializing afterwards.
Food will be provided by the hosts.

Alcor's Membership Administrator, Brian Shock, will be available to answer

Learn how to fund cryonics with life insurance.

Sign your cryonics documents in front of witnesses and a notary public
(small fee for notary).

If you fill out an application form ahead of time, then Alcor can prepare
your paperwork and have it ready for you to sign at the sign-up party.
Phone Alcor toll-free at 877-GO-ALCOR (877-462-5267) for more information.

  Carol Shaw and Ralph Merkle's home
  1134 Pimento Ave.
  Sunnyvale, CA  94087

Carol and Ralph's phone: 408-730-5224. E-mail: 

Directions: Take Highway 85 to Sunnyvale. Take the Fremont Ave. exit and go
east on Fremont Ave. Go a couple of blocks and turn left (north) on Mary at
the traffic light. Take the first right on Ticonderoga. Take the first left
on Pimento. 1134 Pimento is the yellow house on the right near the end of
the street.

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