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From: "Berrie Staring" <>
Subject: Transcedo is coming to the USA
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 20:15:35 +0200

Dear Friends,

As mentioned some months ago 2 members
of Transcedo (Arjen Kamphuis & Me) will be
travelling trough the USA from the 7th of Sep.
untill the 27th of Sep.

We would like to meet as many of you as possible.

===> THANKS !!! to all the people who invited us,
we were very pleased with all your positive
reactions. But (sigh) we had to make a plan and
unfortunatly skip some places. We hope we 
will see you an other time.

This is our draft-plan at the moment:

7th  -- arival JFK ---  NYC
8th -- 10th   DC
10th -- 13th  Houston
13th -- 17th  Phoenix
17th --  21th LA
21th --  25th SFO   plane Back to NYC
27th --  Back to Amsterdam

We will travel by Amtrak (as much as possible
by night.....)

I would like to ask all of you (with this plan 
in the back of your mind) to send your 
invitation again !!
and let us know if we have a place to sleep.
and if you can pick us up from a Train Station.
----> Please don't worry if your plans have 
         changed for this period during the last moths
         we understand and it's NO problem !!
----> Please don't feel obligated to find a place
         to sleep for us.  We will arange Hotels.
----->Please don't feel obligated to arrange transport
         from the Train Station. We will take a bus or a Cab
>>> Just let us know if you would like to spend some
         time with us while we are there, and we will try to
         squeeze it in our travel plans.

THANKS AGAIN...whatever the outcome of the various
offers may be.......


Arjen & Berrie

please mail me:

=====================================Berrie Staring  Email : 

Co-founder: Transcedo  Dutch >H Society
Site: http://www.transcedo.org
" So, you own the seed........ It will not become
  a Bonsai, unless you let it grow and cut wisely"

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