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Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 22:54:42 -0700
From: Hara Ra <>
Subject: RE: Message #10308, again

Thomas Donaldson:
>So far as I know, there is no physician in the Netherlands sympathetic 
>to cryonicists, nor for that matter any citizen of the Netherlands who 
>is signed up with any cryonics organization.
Andrea, my partner, is a citizen of the Netherlands and an Alcor member.
However, she resides in Santa Cruz CA, just as I do...

Andrea replied to my cc to her with this:

"When I mentioned cryonics to my mother and brother who are living in the 
Netherlands, there was such immediate abhorrence. The first and major 
objection seemed to be over- population. Since the Netherlands have the 
highest population density of any country in the world (I feel pretty 
claustrophobic when I go there), that may well be na most obvious 
explanation why there seems to be no one there who wants to get even close 
to this topic. 

Us folks here in the US have such amazing amounts of space (and resources) 
that possibilities here seem to be limitless, which is actually a prominent 
part of the American myth. It's not by accident that the whole cryonics 
idea began and developed in this country.

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