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Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 00:18:24 EDT
Subject: Re: Shulman Drug Volunteer

Dear Doug S. and others,

I would be very interested in the Deprenyl study.  I read a book about Dep.
several years back.  I think it was called, "Dep, The Life Extension Drug" or
something along those lines.

The book was profoundly scientific, composed of double blind, placebo
controlled, studies, ( sometime crossover studies) in which Dep. by itself or
in conjunction with other neurotropic drugs improved both Parkinsons and
Altzheimer's patients.

Even more fascinating and relevant to me was the life enhancing and life
extending effects of Deprenyl.  There were some mice studies that seemed
world-shaking in their implications for life extension.  

And yet, altho this was several years ago, I have not heard much more about
this.  I don't know if these studies were flawed, not replicated or
replicatable, or just got lost in the noise of other discoveries.

I am personally interested in anything that may increase intelligence, mood,
effectiveness, and longevity.  I take supplements and a number of "smart
drugs/nutrients" from Life Extension Foundation and other sources.  

I am a 41 year old male, in excellent health, highly compliant with
meds/vitamins.  Do you think I would qualify for the study?  How do I apply?  

Thanks for this highly appropriate and intriguing posting.

Boundless, Joyous, Life,

Rudi Hoffman

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