X-Message-Number: 10332
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 00:40:50 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #10324 - #10327

Congratulations to Saul Kent and 21CM team on the vital work they are doing.

While I will not be able to make this particular open house, I commend these
serious and visionary pioneers in their efforts.

I expect to tour the 21CM facilities at some point in the next 2 years.

I am also a member or Saul Kent's and Bill Falloon's Life Extension
Foundation.  For those who have yet to do so,  may I suggest you check out
their web site and organization.  The membership is $75 bucks a year, and well
worth it.  

I have ZERO vested interest in LEF.  I am simply a satisfied customer, and
appreciate the fact that someone is finally stepping up and doing and
disseminating hard science on what optimizes human beings.

Rudi Hoffman

Rudi Hoffman

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