X-Message-Number: 10334
From: "den Otter" <>
Subject: Re: Population Density vs. Cryonics
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 11:56:47 +0200

> From: Charles Platt <>

[someone wrote:]
> > objection seemed to be over- population. Since the Netherlands have the 
> > highest population density of any country in the world (I feel pretty 
> > claustrophobic when I go there), that may well be na most obvious 
> > explanation why there seems to be no one there who wants to get even close 
> > to this topic. 

Maybe it's been said already (I just resubscribed to CryoNet, so I 
don't know), but the Netherlands *do* have some serious cryonics
activity. I'm an Alcor member myself, and there are at least 4 others
that will sign up as soon as some matters with insurance etc. are
settled. Although pitifully low, these numbers are quite good when
compared to most other European countries, or even the world. Personally,
I think that the "no-nonsense" attitude of the Dutch is a more important
reason for them not signing up than things like overpopulation. After
all, many US cryonicists, for example, come from heavily populated
urban areas, sometimes as big as our whole country. Feelings of
overcrowdedness certainly didn't stop *them* from signing up.

Currently we're investigating the possibility of creating a
national and European cryonics network. Any Europeans that
weren't aware of this yet and are interested can e-mail me (or
visit the Transcedo web page, mainly in Dutch though:
http://www.transcedo.org )
> I suspect that objections to cryonics on grounds of overpopulation may 
> correlate better with liberal guilt than current population density; but 
> of course it's all guesswork.

Yes, socialism with its false guilt trips and egalitarianism doesn't exactly
create a cryonics-friendly environment. And then there's the bureaucracy, that
outright forbids (by default) the freezing of human corpses... 

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