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Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 12:46:29 +0100
From:  (John de Rivaz)
Subject: Re: donation of time and enjoyment of life

I have been away from cryonet for a few days and have done some catching up. 
I have noticed some discussion about people enjoying life or whether they 
consider it a burden, and whether life can be seens as a war against death 
making it burdensome.

Although war is a horrible thing and few people can be said to enjoy it, 
often now elderly people who were involved in the last world war have found, 
woith hindsight, that it was the most interesting and exciting thing that 
happened to them.

The war against death appears far less risky than the wars between major 
authoritarian government systems that have involved most of the world on two 
occasions this century. Everyone, without excepotion, is conscripted into 
the war against death.

Many chose not to fight, others chose to fight on the side of death, and 
others seek to profit from the struggle (see below). But those who fight 
against death are not being fired upon in the same way as soldiers, sailors 
and airmen were fired upon during wars organised by governments. In fact 
those who fight against death can lead pretty ordinary lives (in comparison) 
whilst so doing. So it is not unreasonable to consider a lot of the activity 
as a sort of fun  fun also. The same sort of fun as solving a problem in a 
computer system, a problem in a computer game or indeed any intellectual 

In article: <>  
> Sign your cryonics documents in front of witnesses and a notary public
> (small fee for notary).

I am sure the fee will not change the notary's way of life nor the 
prospective suspension members'. 

But it would seem to me that the puhblic imnage of the cryonics movement in 
general would be improved if there are some cryonicists that have the social 
standing to enable them to charge these fees, if they waived them for these 
occasions. I am sure that every cryonics organisation expects and gets 
professionals from other professions to donate time.

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