X-Message-Number: 10353
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 13:27:08 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: 21CM Address

        Thanks to Peter Merel for pointing out the correct
21CM address.  As he stated, the correct address for 21st
Century Medicine is:   10743 Civic Center Drive
                 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

        Further reminders are that the registration fee for
the 21CM Seminar/Tour on Sunday, Nov. 8 is $50.  That you 
can also register by calling toll-free:  1-877-277-0322.  And 
that you can obtain rooms at the Marriott hotel (where the
Seminar will be held) for $65 by calling them toll-free at:  

        I also want to point out that 21CM has already
made significant scientific advances towards the achievement
of suspended animation, and that the company is continuing to
make such advances.  Anyone who wants to know about these
advances should attend the Seminar/Tour, and/or obtain
videotapes of the proceedings afterward.  

        I can tell you that this is a very exciting time, and that
I personally am more excited about the prospect of immortality
than at any time since I read Bob Ettinger's book on the subject
in 1964.  I am now working full-time for 21CM, and I and the other
21CM staff members are working around-the-clock in the throes
of what I consider to be the greatest and most profound
adventure of all time!

---Saul Kent, CEO
21st Century Medicine

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