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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 11:07:26 -0500
From: Linda Chamberlain <>
Subject: Alcor's Rescue Network

Alcor CryoTransport Courses
Scottsdale:  September 25-27, 1998
London:  November 13-5, 1998

The strength of the Alcor rescue network continues to grow.  Training and
recertification efforts in 1998 have resulted in bringing the total number of
Certified Alcor CryoTransport Technicians to thirty one members.

Among the CryoTransport Team members are an M.D., a chiropractic student, nine
people with extensive previous suspension experience and six additional team
members with a moderate amount of previous suspension experience, at least six
team members with rat and canine experience, a practicing EMT, and 8-10 team
members with EMT training.  In addition to these and other cryonics veterans,
the Alcor Cryo Perfusion Team also includes another M.D., several nurses, and
one of the best veterinary surgeons anywhere.  There are eleven others who do
not hold current training and certification, but who have previous experience
and would assist in an emergency.  

The number of experienced members now on Alcor=92s team means that for the first
time there is sufficient redundancy of skills and experience that simultaneous
field operations could actually be handled by separate  teams.   For Alcor
members this is a major step forward in safety.  Alcor is extremely proud to
have a team with this strength and dedication.  But as Alcor grows, so does
need for an ever expanding rescue team.  Two more Basic Level CryoTransport
Technician Training Courses are currently open for enrollment (Scottsdale:
September 25-27, 1998 for U.S. members, and London:  November 13-5, 1998 for
(approimately 15) Alcor Members in the United Kingdom and Europe).

An Advanced Level course (surgical skills, washout, and perfusion skills) is
being planned for next spring.  Successful completion of the Basic Level
is a prerequisite for the advanced training.  The emphasis in 1999 will be on
advanced rather than basic level courses.  If you are interested in being on
the Alcor team, don=92t delay.  Call for class availability today.

And remember...Alcor CryoTransport Technicians (ACTs) receive discounts (many
at 85% and more) on Alcor Life Memberships, under the ten year installment

To enroll contact:

Linda Chamberlain ()
CryoTransport Manager
Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Non-profit cryonic suspension services since 1972.
7895 E. Acoma Dr., Suite 110, Scottsdale AZ 85260-6916
Phone (602) 922-9013  (800) 367-2228   FAX (602) 922-9027
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