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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 21:19:55 EDT
Subject: Re: Southeast Cryonics Conference

This is really more formal a name than I wish.

The "Southeast Cryonics Conference" conveys more formality than what I have in
mind.  But I would like would like to meet with people in Florida and Georgia,
etc., who share my interest in cryonics and technology.

How about Southeast Cryonics "Gathering"?

I have been thinking that perhaps an ORLANDO, FL based meeting, on a Friday
night and Saturday day.  

This could be a fun and educational time, and be a good excuse to visit
Orlando, which is one of the great recreational centers of the world.

I have e-mailed directly some folks obtained from the ALCOR membership
handbook, and I am making this post on CRYONET.

One of the things I would like to accomplish at this meeting is to move
forward on my "LIFEPACT" relationships.  Another is to make the recommended
video tape identifying what circumstances you wish re: possible reanimation.  

I do not currently own a video camera...perhaps someone out there coming to
the gathering may such a high tech device. :)

I remain excited about the possibilities of extended life.  I am hoping that
freezing will be unnecessary, and that life extending and enhancing
technologies will come online at reasonable and obtainable costs.

Perhaps a "bigwig" in cryonics/life extension may be interested in attending. 

Someone like Max More, Tom Donaldson, Brian Shock, Bob Ettinger, Saul Kent,
Fred or Linda Chamberlain, Steve Bridge, etc., would be a welcome "Draw" and
could "headline" the gathering.  

I was on the Extropian BB, and no longer am due to time restrictions.  But if
someone can forward this post or provide the email address, I would appreciate

DATE:  How does December 11 and 12 sound?  This is a Friday and Saturday.  

LOCATION:  The Orlando Hilton. this is a good facility with breakout rooms,
gathering places, and reasonable room rates.  I just returned from a Star Trek
Convention there this last weekend.  Room rate was only $65 plus tax, (this
may have been a special...there were perhaps 500 in attendance.  We could hope
for a fraction of this number).
(PS...I now know why ALCOR quit recruiting at sci-fi conventions...these fun-
loving airheads have a different orientation than the science/ computer
oriented demographic that typifies the cryonics prospect.)

AGENDA:  To Be Announced.  I will develop an agenda based on responses
received to this posting.  While not knowledgeable enough to "headline" this
gathering, I *will* commit to being the organizer and promulgator.  

Is there any interest in this GATHERING? 

I will proceed only with some positive feedback from people who think this is
a good idea.  If there is only a few of us it could still be worthwhile.  

Boundless, Joyous Life,
Rudi Hoffman
Daytona Beach, FL 

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