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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 15:59:09 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Cryobiologists And Cryonics

        Bob Ettinger's statement that some cryobiologists were
friendly towards cryonics before they realized we weren't going to 
provide funding for their research is true.

        In the 1960s, cryobiologist Armand Karow, Jr. wrote a
monthly column for Cryonics Reports, the newsletter of the Cryonics
Society of New York.  We also had a Scientific Advisory Board that
included several eminent cryobiologists.  Arthur Rowe was never a 
member of this Board, but I spoke with him on several occasions, 
and even asked him for advice (which he gave me) about how to 
freeze a cryonics patient.

        If we had provided money to support the research of
mainstream cryobiologists in those early years, I think they would 
have continued to remain friendly towards cryonics.  However, in 
the absence of money from cryonicists, the cryobiologists have not 
only become hostile towards cryonics, they have also failed in the 
kind of research (organ cryopreservation) most needed to make
cryonics more credible.

        But things are different now.  21st Century Medicine now
has a well-funded research program that is generating the kind of 
results necessary to improve cryonics methods, gain greater 
credibility for cryonics, and achieve suspended animation.  In
fact, 21st's cryobiologists are clearly proving to be the best in the 
business, and outside cryobiologists are lining up to work with 
and for the company.

        Cryonicists will soon have the opportunity of investing in this
research.  21CM's research has great commercial potential in the short
term; and even greater potential in the longer term of improving our 
odds of survival, increasing the credibility of cryonics, and leading to 
revolutionary changes in medicine and society.

        You can find out about all these things by attending the 21CM
Seminar and Tour on Sunday, Nov. 8.  The Seminar will be held at the
Marriott Hotel (near Ontario Airport) in the morning, with a tour of 21CM's
two buildings in the afternoon.  For further information about this event,
please contact Brenda Peters in Southern California at:  818-993-6903
or 909-466-8633 or e-mail her at:  

---Saul Kent, CEO
21st Century Medicine

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