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Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 06:08:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: The Hitman <>
Subject: Cryonet response:

Mr. Platt

In your cryonet posting, I would be in group 3 as I am sure most are.
I don't even know what an electron micrograph is never mind how to
interpret it.  

I have been reading cryonet for over 3 years, am a mech eng. (actually
student, graduating this year), have read (cover to cover)
"Cryonics---- Reaching for Tomorrow". But my point is that your lack
of response isn't due to people not careing it is due to lack of

It has been an issue on cryonet in the near past about young peoples
involvement in cryonics.  Well it is posts like this that scare young
people away.  I am making an assumtion but when you got into this field 
there weren't many specialists.  Other than mybe the progenators such as
Mr. Ettinger et al. 

Well today, for the young, it is no different than any one else born in
the same year as Bill Gates.  He learned computers and made it big but
many others have an interests but won't ask questions for fear of sounding

Generally, what I'm trying to say is don't insult people for not asking 
for information they wouldn't understand anyway.  For me, many of the
people on this forum, including yourself, I look up to like a Bill Gates,
Steven Hawking type figure.  There are specialists, you can't just 'get
into cryonics' as an occupation anymore with out a PHD in BioChem.
Where as many of you original 'cryo' guys didn't have much if any
education in these fields. 

So it is posts like this that alienate the young, and keep them on the
side lines instead of making them feel welcome to come in and contribute
what they can.  Offering information is a great thing but insulting people
for not requesting the information is bad.

Brett Corlett

Faculty of Engineering, Carleton University
Suspension and Steering Team Leader, Formula SAE

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