X-Message-Number: 10407
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 08:43:26 -0400
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: CryoNet #10401 - #10405

To Mr. Charles Platt:

You may be more active than I now, but I have a long period of activism
in the past. The fact that I developed a brain tumor (which I survived!)
has something to do with this situation, as I hope you understand.

As for the issue of working out just what must be preserved, I'm sorry
you don't read PERIASTRON because it deals with the kind of information
which allows us to form better and better ideas on that question:
studies of the different kinds of memory and how they work, and studies
of how we come to have a sense of self --- by which I do not mean pure
speculation at all but concrete experiments in the working of brains.

On this very issue of Cryonet, Ralph Merkle alludes to the ideas of a
Tadd Hogg. They remain much too abstract, and I have explained why
elsewhere. We want to know just where WE will stand on Tadd Hogg's
system (he argues that in general, it becomes more and more difficult
to recover something, after which there are many possible solutions to
what it is or was --- the something in question is quite general, but
might be the person of a suspended person). The only way to work out
where we stand is to look at the neuroscience involved. That is what
PERIASTRON has concentrated on.

As for your inability to recover the message to which I was replying,
I will point out that you need not archive it yourself. Just ask
for the archive from Keith Lynch. Directions as to how to do this
are available at the head of EVERY posting of Cryonet. I do not 
retract what I have said; I will discuss my posting once you have
recovered your own.

And naturally, I mean that those receiving my salutation continue
in good health. What on earth would make you think otherwise I do 
not know.

			Best and long long life,

				Thomas Donaldson

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