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Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 16:10:09 -0700
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #10412 Extending Human Life
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In my Message #10412 of Fri, 11 Sep 1998, I stated:

> Frankly, I am
> seeing more sanity and much more hard science and realism in the
> life-extension field than I do in cryonics. For example, there is never
> any mention on sci.life-extension or longevity-digest or crsociety that
> we simply have to wait 25 years and Nanotechnolgy will solve all aging
> and rejuvenation problems for us. Now isn't *that* refreshing? :-)

To which by private mail someone wrote:

> I saw you post on the Cryonics digest, you mention Longevity-digest and
> crsociety, which as you point out seems more active research is going on,

This is not what I said or meant. Much active research is going on the
life-extension field (although not nearly as much as I would like to
see), but those groups are not doing it our even promoting it
particularly, and certainly not financing it. All that I stated is that
discussions in those groups take a more the approach that it must be
achieved by actively practicing certain life extensions modalities and
doing research to extend and elucidate these, rather than simply siting
back and "eat, drink and be merry" while waiting for Nanotechnology to
save us. 

> How do I subscribe to Longevity digest?

Unfortunately, it has not been very active lately. There has been much
more interesting debate and activity on the newsgroups
sci.life-extension and bionet.molbio.ageing
Longevity digest/list may be subscribed to by sending email to:
 with the body text: subscribe longevity-digest
If this have trouble contact the list owner/operator Brian Rowley:

>What is the crsociety?

This is the Calorie Restriction Society (CR Society). Calorie
restriction (with adequate nutrition, sometimes called CRAN) is the only
method of extension or species mean and maximum lifespan which is well
proven across may species types. Whether it can achieve an extension of
mean and maximum lifespan for humans is unknown, but the chances of this
should be reasonably good. It is hard to practice without feeling hunger
(and consequently unhappy) much of the time. However, this can be done
and the main purpose of the list is to help one another practice CRAN as
painlessly as possible.

The CR Society can be subscribed to by sending email to:
 with the subject line (not body
text): subscribe 
If you have trouble contact the list owner/operator Brian Manning

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