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Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 08:13:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brian D Williams <>
Subject: Re Abandoning Cryonicists

From: Paul Wakfer <>

>I has always seemed strange to me that the very group extropians,
>who have a name which should help them to understand that entropy
>is the enemy of life and must be constantly and continually fought
>with all the forces at our command, are not 100% behind our
>efforts to do this in the most direct and soonest possible manner.
>However, they too seem to be totally immersed in the dream world
>of their philosophy and its most far out and futuristic
>possibilities. Why can so few of them (as indeed other
>cryonicists) see that without action and dedication to the
>nearterm events, they are highly unlikely to experience the
>possibilities of which they dream and profess to truly want. In
>this respect both Extropians and most cryonicists appear to little
>different than the Sci-Fi convention dreamer/losers that most of
>them often denigrate.

I can understand your frustrations Paul, but many Extropians share
your views, we just aren't always that vocal. I personally reposted
the announcement of the upcoming 21CM event there. (I also saw your
repost). I agree that uploading isn't necessarily a proper subject
for this forum.

You also commented:

>1. If Don Laughlin sold one car per year from his car museum and
>used the proceeds to purchase shares in 21CM.
>2. If all signed-up cryonicists decided to drive a honda accord
>(or equivalently priced vehicle) for the next 20 years instead of
>their present vehicle (if higher priced) and used the money saved
>to fund research. 
>3. If all signed-up cryonicists moved into a much less expensiver
>residence and used the money saved to finance research.
>4. If all signed-up cryonicists reduced the number of dinners they
>eat out, movies/concerts/theater they attend, etc. etc. by 90% and
>put the money saved towards research.

Many of us are following this strategy to a degree (you have to
have some fun after all!!) needing to provide funds for cryonics
contracts and life extension protocols.

 It is also the intent of many of us to INVEST in companies like
21CM when that option becomes available. I would like to see HSCP
as part of that cost of investment.

I for one greatly appreciate your efforts, and admire your work.

Member, Extropy Institute

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