X-Message-Number: 1044
Date: 21 Jul 92 21:48:49 EDT
From: "Allen J. Lopp" <>
Subject: CRYONICS - Why Neurologists Maybe Voted NO on "sci.cryonics"

I recently caught up on a month's backlog of e-mail, so pls forgive that
this comment may not seem very prompt.

Tim Freeman pointed out that a large number of NO votes on sci.cryonics
came from the neurology department at the Albert Einstein University
School of Medicine. Tim then opined that this must be because it is
obvious to neurologists that cryonics cannot work, and requested that they
explain this so that it is obvious to the rest of us.

But perhaps exactly the opposite is true. Perhaps the neurologists see
that they might end up in the same political boat as the fetal tissue
researchers are with the pro-lifers. I can imagine that after nine years
of hard work to earn a doctorate degree in medicine or neurology, I would
not like the idea to catch on that as I pursue a career researching the
human neural system I occasionally "murder" a human brain by dissecting
it. As inflammatory as this suggestion might be, one should be reminded
that neurologists are no worse than the average coroner.

Well, it's just a thought...

Allen J. Lopp

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