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Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 22:33:39 -0700
From: Hara Ra <>
Subject: Selling Cryonics

OK, I'll jump in here....

I am, at this point, responsible for 4 signups for Cryonics. Each case is

#1: A close male friend for several years, who works as a psychiatrist,
interested in the occult and is otherwise a sane rationalist. His original
plan when he felt his body to be failing was to take a boat and sail out to
nowhere. He was hesitant until I explained how the information preservation
notion applied to cryonics, which gave him a sounder basis than the
mystical concepts of soul and essence.

#2: I was staying at a friend's place (whom I met via the Extropy mailing
list) in Phoenix for a week for the Alcor Cryo Fest and transport tech
training. I talked him into coming to the Cryo Fest and 5 days later he was
signed up. This one just took a nudge, I think.

#3: My partner is a very spiritually oriented woman, spent 7 years at Sri
Aurobindo's ashram, was totally shocked when I told her I was a cryonicist
(this was very early on in our discovering each other). Occasional
discussions over 18 months, and she became interested in auditing the
Transport Tech course to know what to do when I expired. In negotiating
this with Alcor, I got a copy of "Reaching for Tomorrow" and it convinced
her - she saw the logic of it all. So she signed up. It helps that I bought
the insurance policy....

#4: My son. He is 11 years old, his mother doesn't approve of Cryonics and
has custody. He hasn't been told yet.

The key to the first 3 signups is simple:


And I think, this is the only effective and ethical way to sell cryonics,
by careful caring education on the topic, with patience.

BTW, there is one person who is likely to eventually sign up, and about
three others who are in the education process at the moment.

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