X-Message-Number: 1045
Subject: Re: DNA Encryption
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 92 02:08:44 PDT

Re message #1034, it's the first I've heard that there is a quadruple-
stranded DNA.  There is a triple-stranded form, but it is not obvious to
me how quadruple-stranding would occur.  Cite, please.

The radiation-resistant bug I know a little about is *micrococcus
radiodurans*, and it was discovered during early attempts to radiation-
sterilize foods.  I believe it is an archebacterium.  It withstands
four million rads without special culturing, six million rads with special
culturing, and has been cultured with fission products.  It protects itself
from radiation damage with large amounts of superoxide dismutase and catalase
among other things.  The original paper is at least 30 years old, and the 
author is Raj.

Hugh Hixon at ,com

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