X-Message-Number: 10454
From: "den Otter" <>
Subject: Sackcloth and Ashes Cryonics: afterthought
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 15:41:06 +0200

Basically what is needed is a cryonics umbrella organization to
deal with such issues as funding and promotion. Not a co-op
between existing cryonics organization (because such an 
effort would be doomed from the start), but a strictly "neutral"
group that pursues common goals (survival and flourishing) by
any means that work. There now exists a more or less
comparable organization for transhumanists (WTA), so why 
not for cryonicists? 

Some advantages:

--less legal risks for cryonics companies and their patients
since there are no official ties to the new organization, so if it
does something controversial (or whatever), at least they
can't be sued. This means promotion/money making can
be somewhat bolder, if necessary.

--less legal risks in general, since the organization can 
(for example) officially operate from a country that offers 
the best protection against such actions (not the US, 

--better (more efficient) use of knowledge and resources that
are now devided between various competing organizations.

--(perhaps) greater sense of community, which is good for 
everyone involved (more motivation) and good for PR. A good
sense of community attracts (new) people, while faction-forming
and open fueds obviously repel them. 

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