X-Message-Number: 10459
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 21:55:16 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #10450 - #10452

Dear Fellow Cryonet People,

I have followed with interest the "Selling Cryonics" discussion on cryonet the
last few days.

Being a "Marketing" person, I was impressed with the thought that Jeff had put
into his posting.  

BUT, I am most proud of the dissenting views---that INTEGRITY and FULL
DISCLOSURE are VITAL for our long term success.

I just wanted to observe that Steve Bridge, Saul Kent, Charles Platt, and
others are staying the course, and taking the "high road" that will surely
lead to eventual acceptance of the cryonics option.  

Much as we would wish more rapid expansion of the broad base from which to
expand our research and membership growth, we must not encourage short term
and potentially fraudulent claims.  

I think most of us who are signed up did so because of the HONESTY and
INTEGRITY of the people involved in cryonics.  We must not lose this, as these
qualities are the keys to long term marketing success.

Thanks to all for your wisdom and insights.

Warmly and Sincerely Yours,
Rudi Hoffman
Daytona, FL USA

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