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Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 06:25:37 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Investing In Research

        Thomas Donaldson (10455) remarks  that: 
"In order to effectively support research, you need a certain 
number of members. The number of members may vary a 
bit depending on just how much they're willing to donate, but
it should be clear that in every case the average donation
of time and money from each member will have a limit..."

        Perry Metzger says (10456):  "The pool of funds 
available from cryonicists for research is small....I am not sure 
this pool has enough resources to actually make reversible 
long term suspended animation a reality..."

        First, I'd like to state that the major research effort
being conducted today is through a for-profit company, 21st
Century Medicine (21CM).  This means that members don't
just  have to "donate" money for research, they can invest 
it.  They'll have an opportunity to do so shortly.

        Second, the amount of money currently being
invested in 21CM is substantial (about $1.5 million a year).
This has enabled 21CM to develop a major research
capability, with first-rate scientists on our staff.

        Third, 21CM has already made major advances
in hypothermia and cryopreservation that have opened the
door to major commercial opportunities, and have moved
us closer to successful organ cryopreservation, which is 
the critical next step towards the achievement of sus-
pended animation, as well as increased credibility and
recognition from the scientific community, the media, and
the general public.

        Fourth, 21CM now has the ability to attract funding
from non-cryonicists, which greatly expands our ability to 
attract capital for research.

        Fifth, the cryonics movement already has a good
number of wealthy members who could easily double, triple
or quadruple 21CM's research budget if they invested sub- 
stantially in the company.

        Sixth.  Anyone who wants to evaluate the five state-
ments above for themselves should come to the 21CM Seminar 
on Nov. 8, 1998 at the Marriott hotel at Ontario Airport in California, 
followed by a tour of the 21CM facilities. For further information, 
contact Brenda Peters at: 72727, or 
phone her at:  1-818-993-6903.

---Saul Kent, CEO
21st Century Medicine

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