X-Message-Number: 10477
From: "den Otter" <>
Subject: Cryonics as religion
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 12:29:05 +0100

> From: Thomas Donaldson <>

> I would prefer that cryonics increase through rational argument with 
> individuals. Moreover, cryonics is NOT a form of religion. 

Quite right.

> However the possibility always exists that cryonics will face 
> legal discrimination and attack. A "theology of cryonics" has merit
> as a backup in such a case. And it may very well help to develop
> that theology in advance, at least in skeleton form.

Transhumanism could be easily adapted imo to become a "religion"
that, among other things, practices ritual freezing of the deceased. 
Would be fun too, and maybe even an opportunity to make a profit.
Of course, simple immortalism might do as well. Does anyone know 
whether rejection of superstition (including religion etc.) would prevent 
the philosophy from being officially accepted as a "religion", with
the legal protection of such a status etc?

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