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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Long life?
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 03:12:47 +0200

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Stockholm Sweden September 28, 1998


To the Vice President of America, Mr. Al Gore

The Green-house-effect.

Please do not forget the seldom mentioned utmost effective arguments:

A chain-reaction will kill us all when more and the stored CO2 (Carbondioxide) 
are added to the Greenhouse-effect. From human =

fossil-fuel-burning, CO2 never disappear, has been stored a long time in the 
oceans, polar-ice and i.e. the Russian tundra up in the north.

Our worst problem are when it is getting warmer, the stored CO2 will be 
released, then it will get warmer and more will get up, etc. etc. It can =
not be stopped when it starts. Very simply; Who will survive that?

It has been record-hot, may be a natural variation, but the absolutely new 
factor never done before, is this naive global experiment with CO2.

If this message gets through to you, I hope you can use these simple pedagogic 
facts for your struggle in this matter. Monitoring global =

threats, this truly is the worst one. What has been kept under the lid is 
something the experts know, i.e. verified of the Stockholm University =
in Sweden.

The ozone-layer is a minor compared; it can not kill us all. A nuclear-accident 
a lot less, is nothing compared, not the best but =
better than above. In any case it will be hotter or a new ice-age of more CO2.

Nuclearpower are not good but better than this scenario. We must use it, reduce 
CO2 and stop new burning as soon as possible. Hard but true.

In US at present, gasoline-prices are down to $1,11 for a gallon.

Here we have the courage of environmental-reasons, and following guidelines of 
the Rio-conference, to use political steering-taxes in an =

effort to halt this risk; When gas-prices go down, taxes balance it up. We pay 
approximately one US-dollar for a quarter gallon of gasoline!

I am not a paid nuclear-lobbyist, "whacko" or single mentally disturbed 
fatalist. Supply the government here since many years with simple facts =
working very well, with a foundation for survival and longevity of humans.

Best Regards from Carl Thomas Nord

Human Universal Service HUS. E-mail:  Fax/voice +46 8 
7115635. Mail: Egnahemsv. 59, SE-14137 Huddinge (Sweden)

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