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Date:=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 September 28, 1998
From:=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Fred Chamberlain <>
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Charles Platt notes:

>In the latest issue of the Alcor Phoenix, Alcor's president,
>Fred Chamberlain, writes: "CryoCare Members, by most
>reports, are convinced that without a very high level of
>technology applied almost immediately after death, there
>is no hope for the suspended patient." I wonder how Fred
>came up with this. I'm the president of CryoCare, and I
>don't know the opinions of our members without actually
>asking them. And I seem to have missed the "most reports"
>that Fred is referring to. In fact I request him to produce
>even one, from CryoCare, stating or suggesting or even
>hinting that anyone here believes that suboptimally treated
>patients have "no hope." We may worry that they will have
>a very low chance of resuscitation, but never, so far as I know,
>has anyone placed that chance at zero--except in truly extreme
>cases where someone has been dead for, say, a week or more
>without any treatment at all, by which time autolysis has broken
>down structure to an extreme degree. Perhaps a correction is
>in order? In the meantime, I promise not to tell Fred what Alcor
>members believe.

Charles Platt is right that I shouldn't have generalized about CryoCare
Members' attitudes from listening to a handful.=A0 A few CryoCare Members,
including Charles, are openly vocal and highly negative about the limitations
of current methods.=A0 This may even be reflected in the direction that 21st CM
research is heading.=A0 On the other hand, this may not reflect what the
of people in CryoCare think, and it was inappropriate for me to attribute
attitudes to that group as a whole, or to equate highly negative points of

with attitudes of total hopelessness.=A0 This correction will appear in the next
Alcor Phoenix.

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