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Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 18:31:00 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: Message 10485

Thomas Donaldson wrote:
The issue with cryonics is that most people declared "dead" simply are
NOT dead. To decide to go along with current popular beliefs and call
them "dead" has about as much sense as someone 400 years ago deciding that

even though the Earth orbits the Sun we should say that the Sun orbits the Earth
because that is the popular view. 

	But can we bring these non-dead people back to life now?	
We can't.  So to think we MAY be able to in the future is
a belief.  A popular view, if you will, among us cryonicists.

Mr. Donaldson wrote:
You die if enough of your brain is destroyed that
no future technology can ever bring you back

	But this means nobody can be pronounced dead unless by an omniscient being.

Mr.Donaldson wrote:
WE hope to someday find out how to mend badly damaged people who have been
kept from further deterioration by cryonic suspension.

Yet how much damage is that?  If we BELIEVE that technology

can revive us from some damage, why not BELIEVE it can save us from any damage -
rotting, brain deteriation, etc?

Mr. Donaldson wrote:
The major difference is simply that our definition of "dead" differs
from the popular one. And our definition is clearly better.  

	Agreed.  Now can we change the definition of "taxes"?  No?  Rats!

Kellie Smith
CI Member

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