X-Message-Number: 1050
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 92 20:27:50 PDT
From: Leonard N. Zubkoff <>
Subject: cryonics: #1047


	 Carlos made the following proposal regarding purchasing said 
    equipment:  "The Executive Committee is authorized to compile a list of 
    Cryovita's suspension equipment and supplies and make Cryovita an offer 
    for the same.  (Funding is to be amortized from the savings on rent [of 
    this equipment].)  If the Executive Committee's offer is accepted, the 
    sales contract will be sent by FAX, Federal Express, or E-mail, whereupon 
    each Board member will FAX, Federal Express, or E-mail their decision to 
    approve or demur within 48 hours."  After some discussion, the proposal 
    was approved by a vote of 6 in favor, with two abstentions.  (Hugh Hixon 
    and Brenda Peters, being shareholders of Cryovita, could not participate 
    in the vote.) 

If this decision is intended as any sort of official board vote on whether to
purchase the equipment or not, then electronic mail is *not* suitable for this
purpose, unless all such mail is being verified by an appropriate digital
signature system.  I do not know about the issues of FAX, but electronic mail
is relatively easily forged, and cannot be assumed to be reliable to the degree
necessary for board-level voting.

I am sure Ralph Merkle can provide more information on this topic if necessary.


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