X-Message-Number: 1056
Subject: CRYONICS Nomenclature: cryonicist
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 92 16:11:19 -0400

What exactly does "cryonicist" mean?  It rhymes with "scientist".  If
we use it to mean "anyone who has signed up with a cryonics
organization", the collision with "scientist" in my mind conjures up
images of some television salesman paying lots of money to a cryonics
club for the priveledge of putting on a lab coat and playing with
corpses and liquid nitrogen with his friends.  (Gee, I hope there
aren't any thin-skinned televesion salesmen reading this.  I had to
pick some non-scientific occupation, and that's the first thing that
came to mind.)

Maybe we should reserve the term "cryonicist" for people who have
received relevant training of some kind.

I've decided to remove the term from the FAQ list.

Any comments?

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