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From:  (Nick Szabo)
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Subject: Self-genociding space colonies
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Date: 23 Jul 92 10:46:34 GMT

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 (Pete Ashdown) writes:

>So what do we do once we're out in the middle of Wyoming in a Bucky Fully
>comfy-fit structure?  Is there anything left to eat? 

This issue has been beat senseless in sci.environment.  John McCarthy
issued a challenge for anybody to demonstrate that Earth could not 
support 20 billion people at U.S. standard of living within 100 
years.  Nobody even came close.  

We went on to discuss the various projections, eg World Bank, that show
human population converging on 10-15 billion people in 2050 and declining 
thereafter.  Populations are already starting to decline in highly educated 
populations, and birth rates are below replacement in developed countries.
Cryonics and nanotech may be the only way to forestall our self-genocide.

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