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From:  (Nick Szabo)
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Subject: Specific capabilities needed for reanimation?
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Date: 25 Jul 92 09:30:59 GMT

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>: ...Even in those cases whether we will meet
>: ultimately with success cannot be accurately predicted, and the
>: possibilities being discussed here are centuries off at best.

In article <>  (Steve Strong) 
>But we can do nanotech now...

Perhaps we should get away from the vague word "nanotech" and list
the specific capabilities needed for reanimation.  There are many
more qualified than myself to make such a list, but here's a sample:

* Repair various parts of cells from damage
  from cold (eg sharp freezing crystals)
* Remove bubbles from blood
* Restore or recall lost patient memories (eg reaquire skills,
  recall lost knowledge, aquire "identity", etc.)
* Etc.

It's not too early to begin designing speculative devices to accomplish
these tasks.  We should not restrict ourselves to a vague vision of 
"nanotech", but look at the entire spectrum of chemical, mechanical,
and biological tech to draw inspiration.

>There is nothing that we know of which shows us that time travel is
>possible - many good physicists are convinced that it isn't.

Physicists also have told as that FTL is impossible, but quantum
erasers can now transmit identical random data (eg encryption keys, 
synchronization signals, etc.) instanatenously across the universe
(as long as there is a receiver and was a common light source).
There still exists a remote possibility that gravity waves propagate FTL.  
There is still quite a bit we just don't know, one way or the other.

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