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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Ugly Email
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 23:59:04 +0200

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Datum: den 16 October 1998 02:19
 mne: Re: Ugly Email
""80 columns is the standard width for screens.  You are one of just two
    people who consistently exceed 80 columns on CryoNet.  ("SMITHID" is
    the other.)  I skip reading all your postings, since they're difficult
    and unpleasant to read.  I think most people do the same.

    I've suggested to KQB that he reject all such postings, since they
    mostly just waste space and few people read them.  And since rejecting
    them would motivate you to make them readable if you want them read.""
"KFL": Well thank you Mr anonymous tastemaster for this mail with no name as I
cant recall tonight. I'll try
using 80 columns if thats the best for most of you. I just asked and can change
I hope.
Since I have Swedish as main language the English are not perfect, but I'm not
alone. There

has been a good response on many of my postings and several has defended me when
others acted
tastemasters, as so often there with each other. With no response, I loos
interest. How can you know
a few read them? I dont recall anything from you, and theres a lot I dont like,
its a matter of
taste. One day it was only one posting, is that better? I am very humble, stop
it when its disliked
in Cryonet. Go out there instead with your taste. "Ugly" was just for the
technical problems. Are
mailing KQB to sort this out since weeks. Timewasting are worse than
As a dedicated Cryonicist with the money at hand and freedom to migrate, I need
a net to sort things
out; Suggestion?
Forgive me if I overreact with instinct late at night.
PS I've found your name and pages, saved 2 of your jail-sentence for later

reading. No good PR for you even if its true. As you know there are lots in jail

claiming they are innocent others cant judge. Advice, take it off your homepages
and forget it. I've seen other depressing cases fighting for justice to many
years wasted.

Human Universal Service Foundation
Thomas Nord

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