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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: FF. Prohibitions. WA
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 00:02:21 +0200

Fatness or fitness are browsed through again to find pearls. It seems someone 
liked to find

motivation for fatness. In US that really must be a problem causing early deaths
as everywhere, no

Centenarians among them indeed. But sort out those with a big bonestructur no 
diet can change.

Empty calories as well as to much veggies proteins or exercise are harmful. 
Moderation as usual.
Over here we get older and I have studied the subject.

Has it been discussed here or anywhere why Cryonics prohibition are imposed at 
least in 2 places? To

avoid and prevent we better know. Reversed I can guess from a political view of 
many reasons.

Western Australia Simon, I am very familiar with the case of Swedish Helmer from
WA, whos Swedish
widow MS I know since years, also verified by Bob E.

MS has been twice in national TV here telling about it when visiting my fair 
city Stockholm

Sweden, also telling me shes moving out of WA due partly to major risk of an 
autopsy there If she

stays, and didn't know of remaining Australia. No misunderstanding, I got upset 
having lovely WA on

my map as an alternative for possible migration. I'm trying to double-check as 
you know.

Helmer must be a unique case, travelling all the way from WA to BOB's place CI 
and dying nearby

Otherwise you are quite right, there arent so many of us who can choose to live 

Thomas Nord

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