X-Message-Number: 10608
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: SV: CryoNet #10604 PM,KFL
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 01:41:48 +0100

Hi, Peter Merel. (If there are new tech problems here its due to testing MS
NT 4 and IE 3).
Thanks for a good answer as may learn some others too. It was with
hesitation I answered KFL here without the full story, and hesitate
slightly to answer you here, but feel an urge to end this the sooner the
better for my reputation. 
What happened are I had been mailing KQB and others for weeks in an effort
to solve technical problems in order to avoid "ugly" Emails. After that
came one anonymous mail with only the initials KFL, threatening to have me
and others cut off  from CryoNet if the technicals problems werent
solved. I do not like anonymous threats. KFL may be famous out
there, I'm sure a lot of us didnt know who it is. So I answered him
privately Emailing of my effort to solve it all, several times with
different settings till I found no more as could please him, but only got
complaints back, he didnt like the shape and were unwilling or unable to
read mine. 
Since I am not the only one with technical problems to this net and KFL
would like to have us cut off, I thought he might have some power when I
found hes right name, so it should be posted. 
In the meantime have I mailed to those with the same problem how I solved
it at least with the =. 
Therefore motivation of a "harsh" language to KFL who probably otherwise is
 a good buddy. And my statement as humane was: "forgive me if I overreact
with instinct late at night", also with an advice after browsing thru KFL's
homepages where several are concerning his jailsentence, to take them away
for hes own good, innocent or not its no good PR as others cant judge
objectively. But he might be better to judge that among closer friends. 
Enough of this, its to easy to be a bit harsh writing off anger. Otherwise
I'm very tolerant and understanding trying to be polite att all times. All
the more important here when some of you may have my life at hand some day.

There will be no discussion here if politeness are likely to dumbness.
"Dont worry be happy" are good for longevity but hard to follow. 

Today sunday it was only one posting here. If our reanimation will be
judged upon postings on this net, I'm more happy to have taken up issues
such as the CO2 than more pure cryo-matters. 
As a newcomer I've tryed to catch up the mentality, no rules or "purpose"
found yet back in time. 
After 10 years, new eyes may have a little refreshing approach. Perhaps it
should be one cryo-tech-net and another for related issues as a pragmatic
Anyway its so easy to erase those we dont like taking HD-space. I save it
all till my HD gets full, some postings I dont like today may be more
tasteful another day in another mood.This is the first net I'm in, have
looked at the suggested ones. The only other Cryonet some hinted on seemed to
be without Emailing, writing online is not my taste as paying the phonebills

My small remarks here have only been suggestions and some joke of Heinlein.

I never wrote "cash in hand" for Cryonics, was "money at hand" as I regard
to be a bit different, (to select me from those who only talk and cant sign
up), keep a low profile in that matter otherwise as we do over here not
However besides having a good pleasant record for revival, there better be
a money incentive for a reward getting us back. 
Apologies for this sidetrack, hope I havent offended KFL who are good to
keep the register, and can approve it myself later too, otherwise excusing
blameing it on to little sleep and a virus at present.

Addicted to this net as takes a long time to use in a foreign language
sometimes, and not having learned how to type faster, perhaps its the
selfdestructing-genes as made me use a high profile to get brushed off.

Long life,
Thomas Nord

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