X-Message-Number: 10610
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 07:42:17 -0700
From: Peter Merel <>
Subject: In whom we trust?

Dave Pizer writes,

>Another thing that may also help  A LOT is having a trust fund that gives a
>rather generous bonus to the directors of any company that eventually
>reanimates you.

Hmm. Depends on when you get frozen. If you require nanotech to be revived,
cash may mean nothing to the folk who will revive you. They might be more
likely to be doing it for the information in you - and if you've not lived 
well, they might be no more inclined to revive you than a rose fancier would 
be to revive some ancient strain of weed.

I'm sure that such advanced folk would still require some kind of 
socioeconomic system - see http://home.connectnet.com/peter/nanostones.html
for speculation - but it seems likely to me that it would bear very little
relationship to our modern fiat or scarcity based currencies.

OTOH, if you are frozen later rather than sooner, Dave is likely quite right.
Certainly if vitrification is perfected and reversible, Dave's is a sound
strategy. The question then is just how to structure the trust so that its
administrators don't make off with it - after all, there'll be no one to
hold them to account when you're gone, right?

Peter Merel.

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