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Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 14:21:13 EDT
Subject: New CI Membership Option


At the annual meeting Sep. 27, 1998, the CI members approved an additional
option for membership. 

CI until now has offered a single membership plan, including the following
features (slightly simplified here for succinctness): A one-time up-front
membership fee of $1,250; no dues, except for those who want voting
rights--voting rights dues now $100/year; minimum suspension fee of $28,000. 

However, even though the total costs are far less than in other organizations,
some prospective members have very limited cash available. These include some
students and some older people living on fixed incomes. Yet many students can
afford life insurance, and many older people can fund a suspension out of
assets available at death, including real estate. Further, some people simply
prefer to part with as little cash as possible at a given time. Certainly a
decision is easier when very little cash is required.

So we now offer an alternative--Membership Option Two.

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY that Otion Two does NOT replace the previous Option One.
Present members are not affected at all, nor is the status of existing
contracts. Option Two is just an alternative for consideration by prospective
new members.

Either the new option (Option Two) or the older option (Option One) is now
available to new members. Option Two allows membership in CI and execution of
a contract with the smallest initial cash outlay available anywhere, as well
as minimal total cost. Option Two has the following features:

There is no membership fee.

Dues (payable in advance) are $120 per year or $35 quarterly. The first
payment secures your current membership and the right to execute a contract.
If dues are not paid when owing, membership lapses and contracts are not in

Minimum suspension fee is $35,000, whole body.

If the Option Two member wants voting rights, and the right to stand for
office, there are voting dues of $100 per year additional. Voting dues for
Option Two members must be paid for three years before eligibility to vote or
hold office.

Option Two members may switch to Option One at any time by paying the $1,250
Option One membership fee. 

Option Two is initially offered for a six month trial period. This does not
mean that your Option Two membership can be voided after six months; it just
means that, after March 31, 1998, we will review results and decide whether to
continue to extend this option to new members.

Membership application forms for both options can be found on our web site.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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