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 Date:	10/15/98 9:07:25 AM US Mountain Standard Time
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 Jim Yount's kind remarks (#10586) stimulated a few reflections on history,
 values, and human relations, but I'll leave these for another time.
 In response to Jim's question, I was born Dec. 4, 1918, in Atlantic City,
 N.J., under the boardwalk. I am positive there will never be a monument
 but--who knows--maybe now and again a few of us (including my mother) will
 on the beach, at the foot of Kentucky Avenue (or where that used to be), and
 admire the waves.
 Robert Ettinger
 Cryonics Institute
 Immortalist Society
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Dear Bob,

Please don't be so uncharacteristically modest.  I among others think you are
a hero, a pioneer, a positive example of a creative, possibility thinking, a
talented author, and someone I have grown to admire through your works.

So, I think you deserve a monument at your birthplace at a minimum.  An even
better monument would be for you to stay alive and vibrant for the next 10,000

I send you my best wishes.

Rudi Hoffman

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