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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 10:40:05 -0800
From: Jim Yount - Chief Operating Officer <>
Subject: Founder's Day is December 4

Thanks to Robert Ettinger for the information that we celebrate "Founder's
Day" on December 4.

At first I was disappointed, that it came so close to Christmas.  Double
presents to buy.  After thinking about it though, a pre-Christmas cryonics
holiday may not be so bad.  I can open my Founder's Day presents, then
(depending on how expensive they are) adjust my reciprocal Christmas
present buying accordingly!

It is also really swell that our founder was born in an interesting place.
So wise men *didn't* come, but maybe some carnival barkers; and the bearded
lady and the strong man might have stopped by.  "...and, lo, the star-fish
went before them, till it came and stood under where the young child was."

It sounds like Robert's mom should have declined that ride on the
whirly-gig; or maybe they just served some really bad corndogs that day!

Some CryoNet subscribers may not know that Robert's mother is now in
suspension.  That's why, as Robert points out, she may also someday sit on
the beach, admire the waves, and remember.  I want to be at that party.
But I think I'll pass on the corndogs!

Long life,

Jim Yount

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