X-Message-Number: 10636
Subject: 2 questions
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Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 13:32:18 EDT

1 Has anybody any information on how a person's mind might change
  over a period of centuries? For example, will the growing number of
  make it difficult or impossible to store new ones or access old ones?
  Will the "maturation" of centuries make people as different from
decades old
  adults as they are from years old children?
2 Does anyone have any information on how people would emotionally
  respond to waking up in the, say, 22nd Century? Will there be problems
  if nobody you knew was suspended and you are the only one of your
  society around? How about the future shock of going from our low-tech
  culture to a high-tech one? Will learning that the 100th American
  president is a genetically engineered raccoon bother you? :-)

          or Tom Mazanec to humans

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