X-Message-Number: 10667
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Cryonics legality
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 23:45:06 +0100

Checking in my Swedish Lawbook I can find Cryonics prohibition here without the
aim to do it, so I've written to the government to change it, and will put some
pressure on as I'm used to. Everyone has to be buried or cremated within 2
months, special burial allowed if embalmed first. Transportation out must have
clearance from the authorities first to give to the customs with assurance that
Swedish rules of burial will be followed. That last part are no bother but the
paperwork may take to much time since it only can be done on officehours. Most
countries have more or less the same regulations.
Has anyone mapped up the smooth and the troublesome places?
If you dont live in USA's CA AZ or IL, have you checked this up or wish to
migrate there? How about UK France Spain and Australia? I've found some
carelessness in this matter. If quick transport out has worked before its no
guarantee the next time if its against the law a little bit. Better try to
change the law or move out in good time. Dont be slack and lazy, act now.
I plan to migrate anyway but where to is an open question yet, if it ever will
be done.

From cold Stockholm with disgusting freezing temp outside
Thomas Nord

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