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Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 14:04:58 -0500
From: "Stephen W. Bridge" <>
Subject: Swedish burial laws

To CryoNet
From Steve Bridge, Alcor
November 1, 1998
In reply to:   Message #10667
               From: "Thomas Nord" <>
               Subject: Cryonics legality
               Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 23:45:06 +0100
>Checking in my Swedish Lawbook I can find Cryonics prohibition here
>without the aim to do it, so I've written to the government to change it,
>and will put some pressure on as I'm used to. Everyone has to be buried
>or cremated within 2 months, special burial allowed if embalmed first.
>Transportation out must have clearance from the authorities first to give
>to the customs with assurance that Swedish rules of burial will be
Pressuring the authorities for that permission may not be the best way to
handle this, Thomas.  In fact, in the United States similar burial laws
exist and cryonicists have NOT changed them.  We operate under the Uniform
Anatomical Gift Act -- the same law that governs donation of organs for
transplant and research, as well as the donation of whole bodies for
research (for instance, to medical schools for anatomy classes).  In
Alcor's case, the member has arranged to donate his body to Alcor for a
research project, which consists of keeping his body frozen until we
discover if science can learn to revive it.  At today's level of
understanding, there is no doubt this is experimental.  The anatomical
donation laws take precedence over the laws of burial, as long as public
health standards are maintained.
Most industrialized countries have similar laws for the donation of
bodies.  I would recommend you examine Sweden's laws for that, perhaps
with a creative attorney.  You might find a pleasant surprise.
And next time, ask here on CryoNet first before charging head first at the
stone wall of government.  Quite often we will know a way that the
government itself has left a path around the stone wall.
Steve Bridge, Chairman of the Board
Alcor Life Extension Foundation

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