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Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 23:31:37 +0300
From: "Mikhail V. Soloviev" <>


This is an idea for one more way to promote cryonics and immortalism.

Much computer software is distributed as *freeware* (i.e. free), and
freeware web sites are the most visited sites on the Internet. Usually,
besides being represented on these sites, a freeware program has its own
web site, containing information about the program (help, known bugs, 
examples, plans for further development, etc.).

Here is an offer I make to people interested in promoting cryonics and
immortalism and having (or being able to write) their own freeware
programs: to organize one common web site for their programs. A possible
name for the site is *FREEWARE FOREVER* (meaning "if you join cryonics
you may be able to use your favorite freeware programs forever"). It
could be subtitled "a collection of freeware, developed by immortalists
and advocates." Besides information about the freeware programs, the web
site would contain information (brief descriptions, banners, links)

I could maintain such a web site, but I need help to create it. I think
it should be in America, thus I need somebody who would organize it. I
see two possibilities. (1) It could be an independent web site. Then it
is necessary to pay an Internet provider, first, to register the web
second, to rent disk space on the provider's web server. (Here in Russia
it would cost at least $100-$300 a year; as far as I know the American
prices are a little greater.) (2) Or it could be a web page on some
existing cryonics web site. Then possibly it would be necessary to pay
for extra disk space (cost should be much lower than in (1)).

I have several ideas for useful freeware programs and 3 programs under
development. (I wrote them in my spare time and the development is going
slowly, but I now have simple prototypes.) These I could contribute to
this web site. (The "Pro" versions of these programs will be distributed
as *shareware*, but the "Lite" versions will be *freeware* -- this is
commonly recommended marketing.) The three programs are:

1. Cellular Automata Image Transformer (1Q 1999)* 
2. System for Automated Analysis of Aging Mechanisms** (2Q 1999)* 
3. Mind Engine for the Personal Computer (3Q 1999)*

*the planned date of the alpha-version release 
** it could be adapted to analyze anti-freezing mechanisms

If you are interested in this project, please write me:

Mikhail Soloviev, email: 

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