X-Message-Number: 10680
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: #10673. Burial legislation
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 18:34:23 +0100

Thanks Steve, I'll check it up.
I did ask here before and got no answer, know your struggle in this matter and
got the same tip from a Swede yesterday.
However, there are not so much of a stone wall government here. I started
changing legislation's decades ago and have kept on since on that track, in our
very well functioning democracy where the big bucks doesn't steer so much as in
Even if this goes as donation and research, the paperwork must go quicker than
ruled in the law i.e. here for a transport out.
What you like to label research to them, they may decide one day is not. I feel
more secure with an adapted law. But the trying to change it may give us a

debate as can backfire to a prohibition as in France. So one better have to feel
the opinion before trying on legislation. For a test I will try to recruit some
powerful people here for this reason and others.

Thomas Nord
Human Universal Service Foundation
Stockholm Sweden

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