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Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 18:56:24 -0800
From: Carol Shaw <>
Subject: Alcor North Calif. Cryonics Meeting Nov. 8

This month's Alcor Northern California cryonics meeting has been moved to my
home in Sunnyvale because it is more centrally located.

What:  Alcor Northern California Meeting, followed by food and socializing.

When:  Sunday, Nov. 8, 1998, 4:00 PM.

Where: Carol Shaw and Ralph Merkle's home
       1134 Pimento Ave.
       Sunnyvale, CA  94087

Carol and Ralph's phone: 408-730-5224

Bring: Food and/or drink.

Directions: Take Highway 85 to Sunnyvale. Take the Fremont Ave. exit and go
east on Fremont Ave. Go a couple of blocks and turn left (north) on Mary at the
traffic light. Take the first right on Ticonderoga. Take the first left on
Pimento. 1134 Pimento is the yellow house on the right near the end of the

Future meetings (details will be sent later):

Dec. 5 (Saturday): Annual Alcor CryoFeasts. The Northern California version of
our annual holiday party will be held at Mark and Judy Muhlestein's home in
Morgan Hill at 3:00 PM. (This is contrary to the time of 5:00 PM given in
Alcor's printed announcement. If you show up at 5:00 PM, the party will still
be going on.)

Jan. 10, 1999: Carol Shaw and Ralph Merkle's, Sunnyvale.
Feb. 14: Derek Strong's, Sunnyvale.
Mar. 14: Kennita Watson's, Sunnyvale, Sign-up Party.

Alcor Northern California meetings are usually held on the second Sunday of
each month at various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone
interested in cryonics is welcome to attend.

More information on cryonics is available at http://www.alcor.org and 
http://www.merkle.com/cryo. Alcor's new toll-free inquiry number is

Carol Shaw     E-mail:        Web: http://www.carol.com 

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