X-Message-Number: 10697
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Guncontrol
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 03:21:13 +0100

This is a bit far out from Cryonics but related, since we better live in US as
near as possible to an Cryonics facility I am told, due to the time-factor with
better chances.

We outside US get a bit scary of all the guns there, perhaps an overreaction of
what we see in TV, but statistics dont lie. Suppouse its most the bad guys
killing each other. With all the guns the risk increases for all of us to get a
wound no Cryonics can help out with.

The amazing thing are here we can do without so much guns, in UK they are
practically forbidden now.

Sometimes I feel a need to have one against bad guys too, but cant without hard

effort to get a license after a year or more, if not a rifle for hunting faster.

Charlton Heston making PR for NRA said a ban doesn't help when the guns in the
wrong hands mostly are stolen. Turn that issue around, where are guns to steal
in UK
for all the hoods? He also meant bad parents with i.e shooting kids should be
prosecuted also; What about solidarity with weaker minds, not all are superman.

Long sentences are not a solution in any country, US have a record high.

If we have a gun at home, someone in the family may flip out one day i.e. of the
heat combined with mind weakness.

A hard choice, security or disarmament.

It simply is to easy to use a gun, knife is a mess and difficult in a fight.

I saw 2 kids today collecting kids-names for Ban bullets.

Taking on NRA is not easy. Any ideas?

Thomas Nord

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