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Subject: Nanotechnology
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Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 23:21:04 EST

1. Nanotechnology is not sufficient to restore suspendees to animate
   life. But it is necessary. Without nanotechnology or the equivalent,
   it is *certain* that those nitrogen capsules are just very cold,
   very expensive coffins. 
2. I do not know of anyone who has a "religious" view of nanotechnology.
   Even those who are *sure* that it will arrive expect that it will
   a great deal of research and work to make it happen. They do not
   expect it to come all by itself like the Second Coming.
3. There is no philosophical conflict between support of nanotechnology
   research and support of cryonic research. Admittedly, there may be an
   economic conflict for some people, since no one's financial resources
   infinitely expandable. But nanotechnology is a stepping stone (one of
   many) to the future the cryonic community wants.
4. Even if reversal of cryonic suspension finally proves to be
   the research done should have spinoffs in other fields of medicine.
   The same for nanotechnology, if anything to a greater degree (since
   such research could also apply to chemistry, physics, engineering,
   Until we know for sure that these goals are impossible (leaving aside
   the question of how we could "know" this), I hope research in both
   directions goes forward at Warp 10.

          or Tom Mazanec to humans

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