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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Handgun-control
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 00:01:08 +0100

Thanks for all the answers!
No answer of Teleportation, several of Guncontrol here and direct to me.
Please state if you are a Cryonicist (signed up?) or not since most of you are
unknown before.

And suggest another net if you can for this, here I have a chance of limitation.
I'd put out this as a Cryonicist point of view outside US as many of us are, my
.se-address indicate Sweden. We need to move over to US, have to consider the
risk known with the handguns and need to understand more since there are many
fighting this issue in US.
The point is taking a larger risk in this life for the chance of getting a new
Most of the world can do without so much handguns as in US, such close as
Canada, US has compared some 30 times more homicides than Canada I'll remember;
Why such a difference just over the border?  Not much difference, one just have
to be more polite and on alert in US?

I got 3 answers guns is to use against the Government if needed; Do they know?
And for remote locations with the police an hour away; Some have it worse here
and have usually huntingrifles at home.

Comparing with car-accidents etc. is not relevant, as we say here like pears and
apples, but my and the fight against CO2 and to many cars are perhaps more
important. I usually walk to all I need here but have been driving a lot, and
have several cars here. In a safe car belted up we stand a good chance over
here. Over there you have a lot of teenagedrivers we dont have here. With a gun
pointing at me there is not much I can do.

I know the risks are small, staying away from the wrong places and on alert; We
dont need to here.
It comes from the wild west history, I thought those days are over.

All of us can flip over and/or get drunk etc. to insanity under to much
pressure, the penalty are more severe in US, a few think of that as prohibition
during action.

I understand very well a lot of the NRA point of view since I like to have a
handgun myself sometimes but cant here, cant make up my mind whats the best,
sitting here in my house threatened on a few occasions of some 2-3 mentalcases
who will not pay up their debts since decades.

Australia and UK has a new ban. I've also lived in Germany and Spain. For an
otherwise normal nation US is unique in this matter. Over here its no

bombproblems instead. Globally comparing notes are always learning. And learning

more of the Cryonicist-mates point of view, I've only asked 2, one has had a gun
all the time, the other one never, both live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale-area.

In Scali they said one should have curtains drawn in US when its dark outside;
Is that common? Can imagine that with armed hoods around, we dont need it here
where its some 6 months in jail only for an illegal weapon.

There are disarmament plans against genocide too in executing progress.

Drugs are another problem.

The better social security over here may prevent crimes when one doesn't have to
steal if there are no job to find.

Thats all folks till next related issue to stir up motions, more close to CR and

Thomas Nord
PS From the Stockholm-area with -10C outside last night, brrrrr. Snow poring
down now looks nice (white X-mas sometimes), sliding and falling on ice is not.
One reason to move over. Nothing is perfect.

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