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From: "Olaf Henny" <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #10700 - Gun Control
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 21:44:46 -0800

Re: Message #10700 From: Brian D Williams <>
>Subject: Re: gun control

From: "Thomas Nord" <>

>>This is a bit far out from Cryonics but related, since we better
>>live in US as near as possible to an Cryonics facility I am told,
>>due to the time-factor with better chances.
>You are correct, this does not belong on cryonet, but since you
>insist on posting it here, I will respond.

Although on the face of it gun control has very little to do with
 cryonics, for those of us living outside of the US the question
 of weighing improved access to cryonics and consequent
 improvement inour chances of revival is a serious concern, which
 should be part of the discussion in this forum.

>Don't believe what you see on U.S. media about guns, every major
>U.S. media outlet is antigun.

With good reason

> As you said statistics don't lie,
>look up the lott papers from the University of Chicago, in the
>U.S.guns PREVENT over 2 million serious crimes a year. >Everyplace
>concealed carry laws are passed, the crime rate drops. The reason
>tourists were targeted in Florida a few years ago was that after
>passing concealed carry laws, criminals began attacking tourists
>because they were easily identified as the only group not carrying

Fact: we are in Canada culturally very closely related to the US.  We eat
basically the same food, see the same TV shows with the same amount of
violence, share the same telephone system, heck you can hardly tell the
difference between the two countries, -  with one exception: We have a
different constitution.  Ours does not include the "Right To Bear Arms"

Fact: The murder rate in Canada is 1/3rd of that in the US.  This proportion
also bears out, when cities of similar size are compared.  - Still nothing
to brag about, when compared with western European countries

>Gun related crime, including handguns, is rising steadily in the
>U.K., Canada, and Japan, despite being banned.

Fact: The murder rate in Canada was last year the lowest in thirty years.
While I am not aware of a breakdown by murder weapon, this hardly leaves a
whole lot of room for increases in gun related killings.

>>Sometimes I feel a need to have one against bad guys too, but cant
>>without hardeffort to get a license after a year or more, if not
>>a rifle for hunting faster.

>At least we in the US, still have a choice.




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