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Subject: Impossibility
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Date: Sat, 07 Nov 1998 14:07:29 EST

1. I do not know who will prove revival possible/impossible. I do not
   know when this will happen. But eventually one or the other options
   will be proven (if civilization survives).
2. Some things really are impossible. Faster than light travel is one
  (and no-one would enjoy the development of an FTL starship more than
  Getting work from a perpetual motion machine is another. Finding the
  last digit of pi is yet another. At one time, each of these seemed
  but with further knowledge we know better.
3. Cryonics is definitely possible...people are frozen in liquid nitrogen
  even now. The question is whether they will ever wake up. If someone is
  cremated and their ashes scattered, revival is impossible. If someone
  stops breathing for 2 seconds, "revival" is definitely possible
  (I just held my breath for two seconds, so there!). Where are Dr.
  and the other "corpsicles" located on this spectrum? I don't know.
  Right now NOBODY _knows_.
4. My point was that research in cryo-biology is a good thing, even if
  particular dream does not materialize. Other applications of that
  may help people with other medical conditions than death...even if that
  only turns out to be frostbite!

          or Tom Mazanec to humans

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