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From: "John Clark" <>
Subject: Human embryonic stem cells 
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 16:59:14 -0500

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Human embryonic stem cells have been isolated and I think this is very
big news. The feat was independently achieved by two different teams
using completely different methods, although both were financed by the
Geron corporation, the same company that made a splash a few months ago
when they immortalized cells by lengthening their telomeres. Human
embryonic stem cells are undifferentiated but can develop into any of
the 220 different kinds of cells that make up the human body. This is a
huge step toward cloning spare organs with no danger of rejection from
your immune system. And why not clone organs, we already know how to
clone individuals. A reporter asked Dr. Thomas Okarma, Geron's vice
president for research "Can the mortal body therefore be repaired with
new tissues, new tissues that remain youthful indefinitely?" Dr. Okarma
replied "Exactly."

Apparently I'm not the only one who was impressed, these results were
published in the journal Science on late Thursday afternoon (November 6
issue) and on Friday the price of Geron stock tripled and the trading
volume was more than 80 times it's normal level making it the most
actively traded in the market.

   John K Clark     

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